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The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory, 2008.

This is my first posting to this community as I only just discovered it. I am quite fond of historical fiction, including historical murder mysteries!

I recently read Philippa Gregory's fictional biography The Other Queen. I had expected this would be similar to The Other Boleyn Girl, which I read last year (reviewed here). I had certainly enjoyed that book though was very aware of the liberties Gregory had taken with historical sources but approached it in the same vein as I did The Tudors TV series. It was clear though from the start of The Other Queen that Gregory had changed her style.

The novel covers the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots' imprisonment in England under the watchful eyes of the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury and is written from the perspective of these three historical characters.

I will note that Gregory can't seem to win as she had often been criticised for her historical inaccuracies and soap opera style in earlier books such as The Other Boleyn Girl and then when she adopts a different approach and produces a work with a more serious tone and greater historical accuracy she is criticised because it isn't as fun or fast paced as earlier books. However, I enjoyed this more sober style and the tight focus of the novel as well as being pleased that it had two of my favourite women from the Elizabethan period at its heart. My full review can be read in my personal journal.
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