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Zeke and Ned by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana

My mother gave me Zeke and Ned last Christmas and I just got around to reading it.

Synopsis: A fictionalized account of the last years of Cherokee Ned Christie's life

Comments: I didn't know anything about Ned Christie before I read this. I'll admit it; I have a crush on him now that I've read this book. He had faults, but he was a good man, wrongfully accused and persecuted by the white lawmen. This novel illustrates how a seemingly minor event can snowball and destroy numerous lives. I certainly wouldn't call it a feel good story, but I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were wonderfully described and I was very drawn in to the story. I had no idea what would happen (which often happens when I become really involved in a story), and I'm glad I read it with no prior knowledge.
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